The world we live in today is dealing with many health crises, whether it is pollution of air and water or bacteria and viruses in people, animals, or land.

Our mission is to make a safer world for not only the people of today but for future generations.

To achieve this goal, we present FN NANO®, An innovative product that creates functional surfaces that convert light energy into a force capable of actively cleaning the air and preventing the deposition of dirt and microorganisms, it is also the second generation of paints with a photocatalytic effect.

The surface FN NANO® layer achieves 100% photocatalytic efficiency and regarding efficiency, FN NANO® is ahead of other competing products in today’s market.

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Our Vision & Practical Use

The widespread application of nanotechnology to create a globally healthy and clean environment:
  • To Improve air quality industrial areas that have pollution that exceeds limits and large cities in which large amounts of population could be harmed by the pollution from cars, factories, etc.
  • Preventing the transfer of harmful infections towards patients receiving medical care.
  • Reducing the risk of transmission of infections.
  • Effective water purification from large and small concentrations of hazardous organic substances (herbicides, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, etc.)
  • Improving general cleanliness of urban environments, in cities and municipalities, to better protect buildings against microbiological attack and protecting surfaces against dirt.
  • protection against mild, algae and microorganisms.
  • Improving the quality of indoor air of residential buildings, hotels, schools, offices, medical facilities, retirement homes, restaurants, industrial sites.

Manufacturer Warranty

Our manufacturer provides the standard guarantees on the durability and storability of the coating layer and the guarantee of the function and effect of NANO coating for cleaning of the air. The following functions provide the manufacturer’s warranty for up to 10 years:

UV protection
Anti-graffiti function
Protection against microorganisms
Cleansing the air from odours and pollutants
The permanent clean appearance of the exterior surfaces

Manufacturer Warranty

At NANO we offer for interested organizations the free installation of our product, we do this by painting and fixing the UV light and we test it by Air Quality Monitor Formaldehyde Detector, this way you see the results firsthand.

We advise the following places to contact us through email for any inquiries or any questions: Shopping and Business centers, Government offices, Pharmacies, clinics, kindergartens, nursing homes, restaurants, etc.