In this section we explore different ways FN NANO® benefits your life.

The most areas of use are places, where people live, work, study, eat and generally spend long times per day and it’s essential that these places are kept clean and safe.

Healthy Home

To have a home free of viruses, fungi, bacteria, and other toxins is easily achievable today. Instead of buying a short-term solution, FN NANO will not only take care of all those viruses etc., but it does it without the chemicals and scents that aren’t good for being near and it solves the issues in a long-term manner.

  • Removal of unpleasant odors
  • Cleaning the air from substances that is harmful
  • Air purification from emissions
  • Eliminates fungal spores and different allergens
  • Reduces grease build-up
  • It works as a Maintenance-free, quiet, economical and an efficient air purifier
  • Prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi
  • Without the chemistry, has a purely physical effect
  • 10-year guarantee of effectiveness
Cleaning the air
Schools and kindergartens

Schools and kindergartens

By using FN NANO® technology you attain fewer diseases and a healthier environment in schools and kindergartens.

The Functional coating improves the indoor environment and reduces exposure in preschools and schools.

  • It creates a clean and healthy environment
  • Produces a reduction in children’s morbidity in the classroom
  • Reduces the risk of transmitting infectious diseases
  • Eliminates harmful odors, allergens, toxins, viruses and bacteria
  • Long-term protection – guaranteed service life of 10 years
  • Preventing mold and reduce the risk of asthma

Medical Facilities

To have a safer and healthier medical facility environment, use the antibacterial multifunctional FN NANO Coating. It reduces risks of transmitting infections and diseases and it prevents the risk of resistant strains of bacteria.

  • A healthier and safer indoor environment
  • Removal of bacteria, spores, fungi, allergens and odors
  • Prevention of infections
  • Prevention of outbreaks and spread of diseases
  • To protect staff and patients from air pollution
Medical Facilities

Restaurants, Dining Rooms, Bars and Kitchens

Environments such as bars, restaurants and cafeterias are locations where many visit daily and that causes pollution, diseases and other toxins to exist in those places, by using FN® nanotechnology these environments become safer and healthier to visit. This is done with the photocatalytic functional coating FN NANO working with light wipeout greases and odors from bars, kitchens and cafeterias.

  • Allergens, odors and fungi gets eliminated
  • The food industry certifies your products.
  • Gives you a maintenance free, quiet and efficient air purifier
  • The kitchen gets free if any fumes or odors
  • Prevents any fungi or bacteria to grow
  • Guarantees the effectiveness of the product for 5 years.

Food Production

To have a smooth food production and have protection from unpleasant odors and microorganisms then use FN NANO because of the nanotechnology it helps your food production.

FN NANO coating functions are a long term and chemical free way of protection against the growth of yeast and molds and the spread of odors.

  • Elimination of odors, spores, fungi, and allergens
  • A lower cost of installation, operation and cleaning of the operation
  • Protection against vapors of disinfectants and toxins from bacteria housed in air conditioning
  • The disruption is reduced for painting and cleaning
Food Production
Industrial Operations

Industrial Operations

FN NANO nanotechnology offers air purification that helps and protects industrial plants and industrial buildings interior and exterior from odors, dirt, algae, mold and other dangerous substances. It also works with high or low concentrations.

  • The removing of pollution in the air, even in high and low concentrations
  • Low cost for installation, operation and cleaning services
  • Protecting  employees and equipments from toxic fumes
  • The disruption is reduced for painting and cleaning

Hotels & Pensions

FN NANO helps hotel and pensions in many ways, from it’s low costing fee for maintenances and installation to protecting the buildings interior and exterior for a long term and everything between such as protecting them from toxins, pollution, odors, molds and other harmful substances due to having many air conditions and having many people entering and exiting the environment.

In your hypoallergenic rooms, your guests will be protected against allergic reactions.

  • Functions as a maintenance free, quiet, economical and efficient air purifier
  • Fumes and odors in the get eliminated
  • Prevents the growth of fungi and bacterias
  • Guarantees effectiveness of product for 10 years
Hotels & Pensions


In today’s world, offices are one of the most populated environments in peoples day and it’s essential to keep the space clean and healthy for the employees, so when using FN NANO, you’re getting protection from bacteria, odors, toxins and allergens and this employees won’t have to worry about getting sick.

  • Odors, toxins, bacteria and allergens get eliminated
  • Risk of transmitting infectious diseases are reduced drastically
  • Reduces morbidity during flu epidemics
  • It works even at low concentrations of undesirable substances
  • Cleans your environment and makes it healthier

laboratory spaces

Laboratories are a very essential place that should always be safe and healthy to work in and it’s an environment that is constantly exposed to many infections and toxins and when you use FN NANO, it becomes a safe place to work and deal with dangerous and delicate substances.

  • Removes odors, allergens, spores and bacteria from the air in a way consistent manner.
  • Low cost for installation, operation and cleaning services
  • Can dispose small concentrations of pollution
  • The disruption is reduced for painting and cleaning
laboratory spaces


As great as it is having a pet, there can be health challenges with it too as pets come with allergies, odors and dirt from being outside so by using FN NANO coating, everyone is safer, healthier and protected.

  • Cleans your environment and makes it healthier
  • Removes odors, allergens, spores and bacteria from the air
  • The risk of transmitting infectious diseases is reduced
  • The certified and safe product to use for home

Nursing Homes

Locations such as nursing homes and hospice benefit from FN NANO as they have the elderly or the ill population and the coating protects them from the unpleasant odors, pollution and other toxins.

  • All allergens, spores, fungi and odors get eliminated
  • Functions as a maintenance free, quiet, economical and efficient air purifier
  • Eliminated fungi and bacteria
  • Guarantees the efficiency and functionality for 5 years
Nursing Homes
Crystal clear Swimming Pools

Crystal clear Swimming Pools

The FN AQUA kills the cyanobacteria and prevents the ultraviolet radiation so people with sensitive skins or allergies or even young children can still use the pool with no issues.

  • The amount of chemicals in the pool get reduced
  • Won’t affect sensitive skins or young children’s allergies
  • Suitable for use in pools and aquariums
  • Can work in any PH level
  • By using safe UV artificial lights or having sunlight can activate the nanotechnology

Anti-spray paint graffiti

FN NANO protects buildings including older buildings from spray graffiti and also makes the removal of graffiti from buildings easy.

  • Can remove graffiti easily and not ruin or damage the material underneath
  • Landmarks and monuments are suitable for FN NANO coating
  • The vapor permeability is high in the coating
  • Can self clean itself from drakenings as the coating is active and strong
  • Can be used for mineral surfaces and masonry because FN NANO is certified
paint graffiti
Wood Protection

Wood Protection

FN NANO protects wooden surfaces in a non chemical manner with a long term efficiency

When applying the coating on the surface of the wood, it’ll protect the wood against microbes, the coating keeps the wood’s appearance young and healthy and eliminates the dirt and degrading which comes from radiation.

  • The coating layer let’s the wood to breathe as it as a breathable coating
  •  The coating can be applied raw untreated woods
  • Woods that are exposed to mechanical stress and protected wood floors are not designed for FN NANO coatings

Functional coatings FN® – protects wood’s appearance and microbial attacks.