FN Nano will Protect you against Covid 19

To attain an effective protection towards the Coronavirus/Covid-19 is simple when using Nanotechnology, it also protects against other bacterial and viral infections.

When using the FN NANO coating, you create an effective protection towards the surface of the walls and ceilings of the room that has been applied to. The coating fights the pathogenic germs, viruses and bacteria and most importantly in the world right now, the Coronavirus. The coating has microstructures that effectively capture viruses and bacteria flying through the air and then eliminates them while the FN NANO technology cleanses the air in the room. This increases the people’s chance of survival towards bacteria and viruses.

The functional coating FN NANO 1 BioMax product was developed to permanently protect against the spread of viral and bacterial infections. This product combines the chemical disinfecting effect of a registered biocidal substance with the antimicrobial action of an inorganic coating based on the physical effect of photocatalysis. To permanently eliminate the pathogenic germs, using the FN NANO is the best choice. It has the chemical and physical option for the most effective results.  The chemical biocidal function of the coating effectively kills viruses and bacteria, whether light falls on it or not.

The antimicrobial function based on the use of the physical phenomenon of photocatalysis is triggered with high efficiency whenever the ultraviolet component of daylight falls on the coating. In the interior, activation UV-A lights are used for this. This will increase the overall antiviral and antibacterial effect to a level that is not achievable by other means.

An artificial source of UV-A radiation (recommended wavelength: 365nm) must be used to activate the physical antimicrobial function.

Covid 19
FN Nano will Protect you against Covid 19