FN NANO® multifunctional coatings are used to create functional surfaces that convert light energy into a force capable of actively cleaning the air and preventing the deposition of dirt and microorganisms. It is the second generation of paints with a photocatalytic effect, developed by the Czech company Advanced materials-JTJ in cooperation with the J. Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry of the ASCR, the Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague and other leading scientific institutes in the Czech Republic and abroad.

The surface FN NANO® layer achieves almost 100% photocatalytic efficiency and is many times ahead of other competing products on the world market in terms of efficiency.

The light-activated FN NANO® surface keeps its functionality for a long time (even decades). The surface layer created by FN NANO® coating also absorbs ultraviolet radiation and thus perfectly protects the substrate on which it is applied against its degradation effects.


It cleans its surface and ambient air from dangerous pollutants and allergens
It cleans itself and prevents dirt from settling
Prevents the deposition of microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, fungi, algae, yeasts and fungi)
They remove unwanted odors
They reduce the risk of disease transmission
They reduce the deposition of dust, dirt and grease on furniture, windows and home furnishings
They protect the substrate on which they are applied from the destructive effects of ultraviolet radiation
They extend the life of facades
They reduce the heat load of buildings
Cleans concrete, stone, wood and water

To ensure full functionality in interiors, it is necessary to ensure the access of ultraviolet radiation with a minimum intensity of 0.2W / m2 to the created FN NANO surface.

The coatings do not contain any VOCs or organic substances and do not release anything harmful to the environment.