The functional coating FN® 1 BioMax was developed with the aim of maximizing its antimicrobial function and enabling its use as an effective biocidal product with a long-term effect (24/7). It provides effective protection against nosocomial infections in health care facilities, nursing homes, LDN and other places where it improves protection against the spread of infections. FN® 1 BioMax is a composite hybrid biocidal protective coating based on titanium dioxide with an active biocidal substance and a very strong photocatalytic effect. The antibacterial effect of the active biocidal substance is supported by the photocatalytic effect, which is activated by the impact of daylight or artificial light with a share of the UV spectrum.

The FN® 1 BioMax coating layer very effectively kills viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms and reduces the concentration of impurities in the air. As with other FN NANO® coatings, microorganisms on this surface cannot mutate. Works in both light and dark. FN® 1 BioMax is used as an effective antibacterial surface protection for interior walls.

It can also be applied to concrete, stone and other common surfaces.


  • Effectively eliminates microorganisms – viruses, bacteria, fungi and spores, including MRSA (Methicillin-resistant golden staphylococcus);
  • Significantly reduces the risk of transmitting infectious diseases and infections;
  • Prevents viruses and bacteria from settling on the walls;
  • Effective prevention of stale, odors and mold;
  • very suitable for allergy sufferers and asthmatics;
  • Removes molecules of allergens and toxic substances;
  • Works 24/7 with the help of photocatalytic and biocidal effect – cleans the air from microorganisms and organic pollutants;
  • It works as a quiet, maintenance-free, trouble-free, economical and highly efficient air purifier;

It keeps high efficiency for a long time with a guarantee of 5 or 7 years – according to Decree No. 306/2012 Coll.


Pure white protective coating (semi-transparent) based on nano technology, which works on the principle of photocatalysis in combination with a biocidal effect – works in both light and dark (24/7). Transparency 60-65%.