It is designed for outdoor use. It can also be applied to surfaces made of raw masonry, stone, ceramics, plaster, and common building materials that do not repel water. It differs from FN® 2 and FN® 3 coatings by higher transparency. Its use is therefore suitable for surfaces such as exposed concrete, where it is interested to acknowledge the structure of the substrate. FN® 1 suitable as a base layer under FN® 2 for anti-mold applications on the wall. We also supply FN® 1 in color shades.3

The functional coating FN® 1 is used to create effective and long-term functional nanotechnological protection of surfaces against the deposition of atmospheric dirt and against their attack by fungi, algae and other microorganisms. The high content of titanium dioxide in the coating layer guarantees extremely effective protection of the substrate against “sagging” of colors and decomposition of the binder due to UV radiation.

FN® 1 can also be used as an effective low-cost technology for cleaning air from a wide range of pollutants.


  • 99.9% protection against UV radiation;
  • There is no fading of colours and disintegration of the binder;
  • Long-term protection without additional maintenance;
  • Protects surfaces against sticky dirt;
  • Super strong self-cleaning effect;
  • High vapor permeability and breathability;
  • Protects against the deposition of fungi, algae and other microorganisms;
  • It prolongs the life of facades and significantly cools their surface;
  • It maintains high efficiency for a long time with a 10-year guarantee on vertical surfaces;


The coating is semi-transparent with a whitish tinge. We colour in facades in pastel shades. Transparency approx. 60% – 65%.