FN® AQUA is a special mineral preparation that is added to pool water, where it is used to reduce the consumption of chemical products and without chemical maintenance of garden ponds and aquariums.

FN® AQUA is the result of many years of research and development in the use of the photocatalytic phenomenon for the purification of water from harmful substances and for protection against the overgrowth of microorganisms. The minerals contained effectively prevent the overgrowth of unwanted microorganisms in the water. They make it possible to reduce the amount of chemicals used to keep pool water while maintaining its good quality. The effect is activated by daylight or by a UV lamp.

The use of FN®AQUA is completely safe for higher organisms (it only affects microorganisms). The minerals contained in the suspension do not remain (unlike the remnants of chlorine chemistry) in the pool water but are gradually trapped in the sand filtration or filtration system.

FN® AQUA can be used simultaneously with both chemicals and active oxygen (ozone).

The product is designed for private pools, ponds and aquariums (for fresh and salt water).


  • Gentle on human skin – suitable for allergy sufferers, small children and people with sensitive skin;
  • Prevention of the growth of green algae, bacteria and fungi;
  • Actively eliminates toxins, grease and dirt;
  • It works at any pH;
  • Significantly reduces the use of pool chemicals, in the case of ponds completely replaces it;
  • Ecological solution without chemistry – purely physical effect;


White aqueous suspension of inert minerals. It is a patent-protected recipe with mineral binders and a high content of photoactive titanium dioxide (TiO2).