It has been specially developed to protect wood and maintain its beautiful appearance without blackening, darkening and chirping – especially outdoors. It acts as a barrier against UV radiation and microorganisms. Ideal for wooden buildings, fences, wood cladding, where we want to preserve the beautiful structure of the wood for a long time (as if freshly cut).

It is a very effective functional mineral coating for wood protection, which works based on a physical phenomenon called photocatalysis. The coating has highly effective protective and self-cleaning properties. Its protective properties against degradation and blackening of wood due to UV radiation and microorganisms are, in contrast to chemical preparations, inexhaustible.

It can be used as a top protective stain on both dried raw, untreated wood, as well as on stained wood or on surfaces that have already been treated in the past with another stain (cannot be used on hydrophobic paints). Allow time for slight bleaching of the surface, which does not affect the protective function. We supply it in an almost transparent form, but it can also be coloured for different types of wood.The protective mineral coating FN NANO® WOOD is inert, does not have any organic substances and does not release any unwanted chemicals into the environment.


  • Highly effective against the deposition of molds, fungi and other microorganisms;
  • Maximum protection against UV radiation;
  • Protects wood against graying, blackening and degradation;
  • It maintains the fresh appearance of the wood for a long time;
  • High degree of transparency;
  • High breathability and vapor permeability;
  • The paint does not peel, crack or breathe;
  • Long-term protection without the need for overcoating;
  • Preservation of wood structure;
  • Super strong self-cleaning effect;


The layer created is almost transparent, with a slightly whitish tinge. Transparency approx. 80%. It preserves the original appearance and structure of the base, the drawing of the wood and protects it for a long time. It can be coloured for different types of wood.